Panel Discussion: Family Dynamics in YA Fiction

Panel Discussion: Family Dynamics in YA Fiction
Friday, 12 July 2024
2:30-3:30 EST
nErD Camp PA--Virtual Conference

Join YA authors Kat Higgs-Coulthard (Junkyard Dogs, 2023), Patrick Flores Scott (No Going Back, 2024), and Kristin Bartley Lenz (The Art of Holding On and Letting Go , 2016) for a discussion about the role of family in YA stories.

nErD Camp
Friday, July 12th 9:00-3:00 EST Free online

Nerdy Book Club + EdCamp = nErDCamp

A Nerd Camp (also known as nErD Camp) is a free professional development and literacy event that is held virtually or in-person. Each event is organized independently and they are hosted all over the country.

Teachers, librarians, authors, and illustrators of children’s books get together to discuss reading, writing, and books! EdCamps, the original “unconference”, sparked this new form of professional development, and with a literacy twist, Nerd Camp was born!

The goal of Nerd Camps is to promote literacy for every reader, everywhere!

This year, we have tons of incredible authors and illustrators registered to participate in nErD Camp PA and so many fabulous break out sessions to choose from! Our spotlight panels and many of our breakout sessions will be focused on culturally responsive stories and empowering educators, librarians and community members to share, read, and give children access to culturally responsive literature! Don’t miss this incredible FREE event!

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